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    Master Protocols

    Master Protocols

    Basket, Umbrella, and Platform studies: greater flexibility to evaluate more than one or two treatments in more than one patient type or disease.



     Master Protocols: Efficient Clinical Trial Design Strategies To Expedite Development of Oncology Drugs and Biologics.



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    Analyzing Basket Trials under Multisource Exchangeability Assumptions.  COMING SOON…

    Histology- agnostic drug development: what are the issues beyond the tissue?  COMING SOON…



    FDA Officials: Master Protocols Needed for Precision Medicine


    Biomarker Driven Studies

    Statistical methods for establishing optimal treatment rules for matching patients to therapy.
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    Seamless Trial Designs

    Designs to consolidate the phases of drug development through rapid cohort expansion.
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    Short Course: Drug development of non-cytotoxics

    Half-day Shortcourse: Subtype Identification and Strategies for Trial Design.
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