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    Seamless Trial Designs

    Seamless Trial Designs

    Challenging the Traditional Drug Development Paradigm

    Seamless clinical trials combine two or more phases into one adaptive design study.



    Hobbs BP, et. al.  Seamless Designs: Current Practice and Considerations for Early-Phase Drug Development in OncologyJournal of the National Cancer Institute 111.2 (2019): 118-128.

    Teng Z, et. al.  Optimal seamless phase 2/3 oncology trial designs based on Probability of Success (PoS)Statistics in Medicine 37.28 (2018): 4097-4113.



    Expansion Cohorts: Use in First-In-Human Clinical Trials to Expedite Development of Oncology Drugs and Biologics Guidance for Industry

    Number of seamless clinical trials in oncology has risen recently




    Biomarker Driven Studies

    Statistical methods for establishing optimal treatment rules for matching patients to therapy.
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    Master Protocols

    Designs to simultaneously evaluating multiple drugs and/or disease populations in multiple substudies, allowing for efficient and accelerated drug development.
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    Short Course: Drug development of non-cytotoxics

    Half-day Shortcourse: Subtype Identification and Strategies for Trial Design.
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